What is DiscoverExcursions?

DiscoverExcursions is an organization designed towards guiding travelers safely through their experience abroad. Whether organizing excursions, answering general questions, or showing you fun spots around Portugal & Morocco, our goal is to ensure that your time on our trips goes smoothly and enjoyably.


Why would I travel with DiscoverExcursions instead of going by myself?

DiscoverExcursions takes travelers to select locations within certain destinations that are only made possible by a unique knowledge of the local area. Traveling by yourself is fantastic but often involves a certain amount of stress planning and physically traveling. Booking through DiscoverExcursions, we take the stress out of your journey by handling everything from buses, excursions, day trip activities, hotel stays, beach taxis, and much more!


What does DiscoverExcursions specialize in?

DiscoverExcursions specializes in weekend student get-a-ways in which we travel with you to a select destination (Lagos-Portugal & Morocco!) showing off the best parts your destination has to offer. Generally, you travel with a group of students like yourself from different programs; a great opportunity to meet some new people! For a list of the dates and trips, please visit the excursions page here.


Does DiscoverExcursions have an office? What time is it open until?

We have an office located in Sevilla, Spain. We are open Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM, with no siesta break. You are welcome to stop in, call us, or contact us via email.