What Do I Do When I Get Back From a DiscoverExcursions Trip?


Do you need help figuring out how to get home after your DiscoverExcursions adventure? Here’s some helpful information to make sure you have a safe and easy journey.

If you travel with us to Morocco for a weekend, you’ll most likely arrive back in Sevilla around midnight on Sunday night. If you are traveling to Lagos, Portugal, you’ll be back around 9:45PM. For either trip, the bus will drop you off right where we picked you up, at the Consulado de Portugal.

If you are catching a bus around 1AM from the Plaza de Armas bus station, please remember that walking from the drop-off spot to the bus station is about 20 minutes. Although not far, we always recommend taking a cab for safety and peace of mind, and to avoid getting lost. A cab ride to the bus station costs between 4 and 6€ from the drop-off point.

If you have a flight to catch on Monday morning, we recommend booking a hostel because the Sevilla airport closes at night. The best option is to arrange a hostel to rest a bit before flying to your final destination. A hostel near the bus meeting point is just 10€ to 14€ per night. Try Samay Hostel or Pension Virgen de la Luz. These hostels are just a 3 minute walk from the drop-off point, and they are very clean and comfortable. Then you can conveniently catch the EA bus that goes directly to the airport.

If you are catching a train early in the morning, please remember that the train station is called Santa Justa. This station is also just a 5 minute cab ride from the bus meeting point.

Sometimes, travelers catching early trains, buses or planes choose to go to a restaurant called Tijuana. This is a Mexican restaurant that doesn’t close until around 4:30AM, so many of our travelers hang out there until closing and then go straight to the station. It’s a great option for night owls or those not wanting to book a hostel. This restaurant is conveniently located on Calle Asunción, 67.

Please talk to your DiscoverExcursions guide if you still have any questions. We will be more than happy to assist you with anything you need.

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