What Should I Pack for Morocco?


Have you ever dreamt of riding a camel in Africa? While you’re studying abroad in Spain, it’s easier than you might imagine. Morocco is just a stone’s throw away from Southern Spain, so it would be foolish not to experience a new continent when it’s right at your fingertips. DiscoverExcursions offers the weekend of a lifetime and a chance to live out your African fantasy in northern Morocco. Walking through the streets of Chefchaouen, “the blue city,” and Assilah, a quaint, coastal fishing village is sure to provide memories and photos that will last a lifetime.

You’ll hop aboard the ferry from the port of Tarifa to Tangier, and in just a short time, you’ll set foot in Africa! The bus ride from Sevilla to Tarifa is a great time, spent listening to fun music and meeting other people who are studying and living in Spain.

What to Pack for Your Weekend in Morocco

Before you head off to Africa for one of the best weekends of your life, you’ll have to make sure you have everything you need. You’ll only be gone for a few days, so try not to overpack!

Morocco has a mild climate in the spring and fall, but the weather can still be pretty chilly, especially when you’ll be spending a lot of time walking around outside. When there is cloud cover, a warm coat is essential. However, be sure to bring layers because when the sun is shining, it’s very comfortable and can sometimes be a little hot.

We recommend one or two pairs of pants at most, as well as a couple of short-sleeved shirts, a sweatshirt, and a warm jacket or raincoat for layering. Don’t worry about bringing your most fashion-forward clothes. You’re going to stand out as a tourist no matter what you wear, so it’s better to be comfortable! Aside from these basics, the most important thing to bring is a comfortable pair of shoes. You’ll be spending most of your time exploring Chefchaouen and Asilah on foot, so it would be a big mistake to choose style over comfort.

Don’t forget your toiletries, shampoo, and any medications you might need over the weekend. It’s not a bad idea to pack some dramamine if you are prone to seasickness because the ferry ride can be a bit rough at times depending on the weather.

Remember to pack light!